Sunday Morning Bible Class — 9:30am — Fellowship Hall
“Stuff They Didn’t Teach Me in Sunday School” 
Ready to get behind the scenes on those great stories in Genesis you heard as a kid but wondered about as an adult? Well, wonder no longer. Now, hot off the DVD duplicator is “Stuff They Didn’t Teach Me in Sunday School”  Pastor Neil Andersen will facilitate the class.  A DVD will be shown in which Bruce Wurdeman will work his way through Genesis and come up with stuff even a Hebrew scholar would enjoy!  Come and be a part of this interesting and
exciting new class!

Sunday Morning Bible Class — 11:00am — Rm #23
“A Longer Look at the Lessons”
Ruth C will lead “A Longer Look at the Lessons”  which will focus on the Scripture lessons read during the service that day. Background information, the context of the Scripture and sometimes the original Greek or Hebrew will be included in the study. Participants are encouraged to come every week, but each lesson is self-contained so if a week is missed, continuity will not be lost.  Come and enhance your worship by taking a longer look at the

Tuesday Morning Bible Class — 9:00am — Room #23
“The Gospel of Luke”
Pastor Marcus Breitbarth continues to lead the study of the Gospel of Luke on Tuesday mornings. If you enjoy meticulously studying the fine details of the Bible, then this is the class for you! It will give you an in-depth and meaningful perspective of our Savior’s ministry. Good discussion, good food and fellowship are always a priority on Tuesday mornings! Come and be a part!

Women’s Thursday Morning Bible Class
“With All Your Heart” – Starting January 11
9:30-10:00am Social Time / 10:00-11:15 DVD Study / Rm #23
Ginny W resumes teaching the Women’s Bible Study on Thursday, January 11. Ladies, this is a wonderful class you don’t want to miss! It’s so good you will want to bring a friend along! The following is an excerpt from “With All Your Heart.”
Do you remember where your blessings come from? In Exodus, God warned Israel to remember Him when they left the dry desert and reached the fertile fields of the Promised Land. But in this next session we will discover how quickly the Israelites forgot God and began to rely on themselves. Come join us in this DVD study, filmed on location in the land of the Bible, with Ray Vander Laan, renowned teacher and historian. The first 6 weeks we will be visiting Timnah, the Negev Desert and Jerusalem.
If you have any questions about this class, please contact, Ginny W, either by email at or by phone at 623-561-1534.

Thursday Evening Bible Class
“The Miracles of Jesus” – Starting February 1 – Rm #23
Thursday Evening Bible Class taught by Pastor George Spicer will resume on Thursday, February 1. In this 13 week study, you will examine some of the tremendous moments of our Lord’s intervention in the natural course of history and human events. The author of the study believes that such miracles have literally occurred as described in Scripture. God’s interventions are seen as important to His overall plan of demonstrating redemption and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. This will be an exciting and interesting class. Mark your calendars now for February 1!

Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Class
Every Saturday at 6:30am — JB’s Restaurant at 99th Ave & Bell Rd
The Courageous Men of the Cross meet on every Saturday morning and prepare for worship by studying the Sunday scripture lessons. Of course, since they meet at JB’s, there’s also all that tasty food and coffee that goes along with the early morning study and fellowship! All you early morning risers are invited to attend!