Life Team

LICL’s first Life Team meeting was held Feb 17 and the group demonstrated much enthusiasm for becoming a gospel motivated voice for the culture of life in and around our church.  Lutherans for Life recommend that all members complete the Life Team 101 training session.   In the past, “life issues” included one peril: abortion.  Today, however the term “life issues” encompasses many concerns recognized as threats to the life and welfare of  human beings. In addition to the unborn or end of life issues there are questions related to genetic/biological/medical engineering technology research.  As Christians we are concerned about quality of life influences such as substance abuse, sex trafficking,
pornography and care of refugees.
As “Gospel-motivated voices for life” we continually seek Christ in the Gospel, and with growing astonishment and gratitude, we serve Him joyfully in response.  If you are interested in being part of this team, please join us.  For more information contact Sherri Spicer 623.693.1929.

The 4th “T” of Stewardship (Time, Talents, Treasures, and TEMPLE)
Wednesday 10:00am-12:00pm – Fellowship Hall Join us for an hour of exercise at your own pace starting at 10:00am in the Fellowship
Hall.  The focus is on balance, core, strengthening and light cardio.  We begin the hour with devotion and exercise to upbeat Christian tunes.  We know we can praise God anytime, anywhere, doing anything, so why not turn this hour over to him as we strengthen our Temples.  We talk about various topics related to healthy lifestyle.  Much of our focus has been on fueling our temples with nutritious foods and what should be avoided.  We learn from one another by sharing ideas, and recipes. Please consider joining us for one or both hours.  Bring a friend and a mat for exercise class.  This is not a ladies only class,  guys are welcome too!